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The emergence and evolution of the Internet and many new technologies, such as AI, Omni Channels, Virtual Reality, Cryptography and Blockchain, have revolutionized the way businesses operate and interact with consumers. The traditional supply chain model that relied heavily on physical brick-and-mortar stores is rapidly transforming into innovative internet businesses that converge with online commerce. E-commerce is trending and businesses are encouraged to transition to remain competitive.


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Core Competency

At DigiSphere, our core competency is eCommerce platform development. We have a team of talented professionals who can adapt and customize our business model to meet the future needs of our clients. We offer comprehensive solutions for eCommerce strategies, operations, and software development, as well as a rapid expansion of services through strong partnerships with talented affiliates. Our core competency also extends to providing a team of experts in business acceleration, innovation, technology, marketing, and scaleup.

DigiSphere is based in Bahrain and aims to cover all GCC countries through strategic relationships with regional players.

Value for all

We believe in creating valur for all.

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Our model is build on trusted reliability.


Our offers are reasonably priced.


We enable you with the right tools and techniques.

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Your succes is ours, and our success is yours.

Our Services


Technology Strategy Consultancy

We leverage our deep Technology Expertise to support Boards of Directors, Owners, and Executive management in integrating Online Strategies into their business strategies and help them transform their business model to be Online enabled.


Discover your niche

We help you find the best market, customers, competitors, opportunities, and challenges for your eCommerce platform.We help you find the best market, customers, competitors, opportunities, and challenges for your eCommerce platform.


Optimize your operations

We help you craft your unique value proposition, revenue streams, cost structure, key resources, and partnerships for your eCommerce platform


Build your Business Plan

We help you develop your realistic business Plan phasing, and make your revenue model investment ready.


Build your platform

We help you create a user-friendly, secure and scalable eCommerce platform that meets the needs and expectations of your customers and stakeholders.


Optimize your operations

We help you implement effective and efficient processes and systems for your eCommerce platform, covering sales, marketing, account management, content management, customer service, quality assurance and feedback collection


Choose your infrastructure and cloud solutions

We help you select the best infrastructure and cloud computing solutions for your eCommerce platform, such as hosting, storage, security, backup and recovery. We also help you migrate your platform to the cloud and optimize its performance and scalability.


Manage your platform

We help you manage and update your eCommerce platform with the latest features, functionalities and content. We also help you ensure that your platform is consistent, reliable, and engaging for your customers.


Grow your business

We help you seamlessly connect with your customers and partners through integrating your eCommerce platform with social media, analytics, communication, and productivity tools that can enhance your platform’s functionality, visibility, reach and performance.


Deliver exceptional User experience

We help you provide excellent support for your eCommerce platform users. We also help you collect and analyze user feedback, measure user satisfaction and loyalty, and improve user retention and conversion rates.


Stand out with Branding and Marketing

We partner and collaborate with third-party experts to help you promote your eCommerce platform and build loyal customer base, and a strong brand identity and reputation in the market.


Regulatory Compliance

We partner with third-party experts to help you comply with the relevant laws and regulations to stay on the right side of the law and avoid legal troubles that apply to your eCommerce platform, such as data protection, consumer rights, taxation and intellectual property.

Our Projects

DigiSphere Consultancy developed two comprehensive platforms, and, with robust, rich online commerce ecosystem, facilitating swift engagement between vendors and consumers. HOMIEZ and Qetaat are centric around engaging vendors and consumers in addition to providing the required e-commerce elements for online trading and servicing. The platforms focus on enabling and empowering local vendors by allowing them to operate their stores online, promote, showcase and sell their businesses to a wider segment of consumers thus, becoming more recognised in the local and regional markets. As a result, consumers shall have access to multiple vendors and to a variety of goods and/or services.

Both platforms are considered e-commerce initiatives that are engineered on capitalising traditional businesses and further enhancing the process by providing a competitive advantage through the use of the digital sphere. The business model of the platforms was built to showcase the ecosystem of e-commerce in addition to the most recent business model innovation strategies and practical deployment.

These projects aim to transform and e-biz accelerate thousands of Bahraini and GCC firms to embrace the e-commerce model and enable them to expand while also empowering them to compete in the market. This scheme will contribute to positioning the Kingdom of Bahrain on the highest rank of e-commerce indexes.

Our Flowless Process

1. Empower

Empower Local Businesses with:


Business innovation

Extended Customer Relationship

2. Promote

Extended Customer Relationship




3. Protect

Protect Local Businesses from:


Mega eCommerce Regional Competitors

Digitization effects

4. Pioneer

Make locals Pioneer on:



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