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The emergence and evolution of the Internet and many new technologies, such as AI, Omni Channels, Virtual Reality, Cryptography and Blockchain, have revolutionized the way businesses operate and interact with consumers. The traditional supply chain model that relied heavily on physical brick-and-mortar stores is rapidly transforming into innovative internet businesses that converge with online commerce. E-commerce is trending and businesses are encouraged to transition to remain competitive.

E-businesses promote convenience, availability, and reach, providing consumers with an effective and efficient way of accessing products and services. Transitioning online benefits vendors by increasing market access and information while decreasing operating costs. Moreover, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with a more personalized and engaging experience.

DigiSphere Consultancy is a rapidly growing Bahraini established company that provides the necessary ecosystem elements to successfully manage digitization roadmaps for domestic and cross trading businesses. Through partnerships with reliable associates for technology, marketing, shipping, and payment, the e-commerce business model has taken further steps for digitization. The focus is on transforming traditional businesses to converge with electronic businesses, covering product and service offerings through innovation and accelerated business models with agile value chains.

DigiSphere offers businesses a affordable yet rich functionality with business guidance to enable rapid presence over the net and mobile spheres either through our different specialized Platforms and PaaS and SaaS services.

Our mission is to provide GCC businesses with digitization enabler specialized platforms that transform traditional sales and servicing models into digitized business models.

We strive to contribute to boost our national efforts to move into the Digital Economy model, creating innovative jobs for locals, and advancing the national economy.

Empower Local Businesses with:

Business innovation
Extended Customer Relationship

Promote Local Businesses


Protect Local Businesses from:

Mega eCommerce Regional Competitors
Digitization effects

Make locals Pioneer on:

Online Presence

Our Group


DigiSphere Consultancy provides its services as part of a network of professional entities, experts in business acceleration, business model innovation/development, technology realization, marketing and finance and management.

Our core competency comes from the talents we have in our group that makes our business model adaptive and rapidly tailored to future growth and expansion of services supported by strong partnership with world leaders and talented partners/affiliates. We envision, plan and manage but not necessarily perform all other functions as we believe in partnership and complementation of talents.

Our Headquarter is in Bahrain and we will eventually span across all GCC countries, through strategic relationships with global players.

Our Values


Our Services

eStores part of Marketplace or SaaS

We offer, to those businesses wanting to embrace the digital sphere but have limited budget and resources, a very subsidized yet rich functionality and business guidance to enable rapid presence over the net and mobile spheres, either through our Marketplaces or SaaS (Software as a Service) options. If your content ready, you are all set, you can do online business in just a few days. We can take you there!

Private Platform

Whether you want a private online portal or marketplace or want to upgrade from simply a presence in a shared marketplace into running your own online one, we have the whole experience to help you achieve that seamlessly. We will allocate the best resources to work collaboratively with your team to get you online with your own brand and presence.

Business Model Innovation

For those who believe that their business opportunities are endless and want to (re)invent their business model to embrace the digitization disruption opportunities, we have our senior management team ready to engage and partner this venture journey with you. We capitalize mythologies embraced and utilized in modern business schools and universities.

eBiz Acceleration

Many SMEs are hesitant about embracing e-commerce due to the lack of experience, costs, and fear of change. We offer the support to tackle these concerns through our strong partnership with business accelerators, training centers and other business in order to provide a full fledge eBusiness Acceleration Program combining know how, business readiness and technological solutions.

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