Our Projects

DigiSphere Innovations developed two comprehensive platforms, HOMIEZ.me and HardHats.me, with robust, rich online commerce ecosystem, facilitating swift engagement between vendors and consumers. HOMIEZ and HardHats are centric around engaging vendors and consumers in addition to providing the required e-commerce elements for online trading and servicing. The platforms focus on enabling and empowering local vendors by allowing them to operate their stores online, promote, showcase and sell their businesses to a wider segment of consumers thus, becoming more recognised in the local and regional markets. As a result, consumers shall have access to multiple vendors and to a variety of goods and/or services.

Both platforms are considered e-commerce initiatives that are engineered on capitalising traditional businesses and further enhancing the process by providing a competitive advantage through the use of the digital sphere. The business model of the platforms was built to showcase the ecosystem of e-commerce in addition to the most recent business model innovation strategies and practical deployment.

These projects aim to transform and e-biz accelerate thousands of Bahraini and GCC firms to embrace the e-commerce model and enable them to expand while also empowering them to compete in the market. This scheme will contribute to positioning the Kingdom of Bahrain on the highest rank of e-commerce indexes.